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Kina is a true God send when it comes to a having a "Get yourself together" wake up call. I know I wouldn't be in the place I'm in with my body right now, if it wasn't for Kina. I love her “never give up attitude” also. She gave me the courage to stop allowing myself to sit back and watch my weight pass me by. Kina is the type of trainer that gives you creative ways to enjoy and challenge your body, and prep you with tools and information to keep you on track. Kina is a walking physical motivational speaker box, and I'm proud to be one of her products.


"Hello, I am a person who was overweight, but thanks to Kina, I have lost roughly 50lbs. With the workout plan that she formulated for me, I was able to reach one of my goals. If you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape, than Destination Fitness is the way to go. My shape used to be round and now it’s more of an oval."


"Here's why you should hire Kina as your personal trainer: She kicks your ass but it is so worth it! Kina is very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness; she devised a routine just for me. Kina has so much positive energy; she was a lot of fun to train with!!"


"OMG!! Kina is trying to kill me!! So if you are serious about losing weight and want someone who is very knowledgeable, than Kina is the trainer for you. She won’t give up on you, she is very flexible, motivating, and pushes you to your limits. What are even more phenomenal are her prices. She is very reasonably priced. If you are tired of paying for weight loss products that don’t work, try her. What do you have to lose but pounds! "


"My name is Stanley Howard and I am overweight, I have come to believe that a positive person with a stand fast and motivating attitude can overcome almost anything. Kina is that person for me. She motivates me to work hard, eat right, and believe that my goals are obtainable. Kinas’ best quality is she understands what I am going through and she has never put me down or allowed me to give up. “Get Some” is her catch phrase. These two words have become my tool for success. By her life’s example Kina has shown me what, when, how much, and what times to eat. Through her exercise plans she has directed me on what to do, how long to do it, and the results if I stick to the plan. If it was not for the marvelous trainer I would not be as healthy or happy with myself as I am today. She gets results and if you want results you cannot go wrong with using Kina and her plan for success.


When I broke my ankle I had lost a little faith in trying to keep up with my work out routine and sustaining the fitness level I was at. I trained with Kina the entire time I was in a cast and she was very cautious with me and worked around my injury while at the same time provided me with hope and guidance to push through this negative event with positivity. I continue to train with Kina and I have lost 12 pounds post surgery and also achieved much more definition. In addition, when I was challenged with giving up hope Kina stuck by me and let me know that there wasn't anything I couldn't do."

Dr. Nida

"Kina pushes me to work out with the intensity that I was not aware I could handle. However my experience with Kina has proved otherwise. With her there isn't anything I can't push through."


Outdoor exercise. #GetFit

Outdoor exercise. #GetFit

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